The Best Podcasts To Listen To While Running: Get Ready to Power Through!

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By John A

Running can be a very freeing, meditative experience. Whether you’re running to stay in shape or just for fun, having some tunes on your run can make it even better. But what do you listen to when you go out for a jog? There are more options now than ever before – podcasts! In this article, we’ll look at the best podcasts that are great listening material while running. Get ready to learn which ones will keep your mind engaged and feet moving!

Quick Answer

There is no shortage of podcasts to listen to while running! From comedy and storytelling shows, to health and fitness related content, there’s something for everyone. Popular choices include The Joe Rogan Experience, TED Talks Daily, Running on Om Podcasts, Marathon Training Academy Podcasts and Runners Connect Audio. Whatever your interests are, you can find a podcast that will keep you entertained during your run!

The Joe Rogan Experience

The Joe Rogan Experience, a mix of comedy, talk show and podcast hosted by American comedian and actor Joe Rogan, has become one of the most popular podcasts in the world. First airing in 2009 on Ustream, The Joe Rogan Experience currently boasts over 100 million monthly downloads. With an audience ranging from celebrities to everyday people all discussing some of life’s biggest topics – from science and health to politics and celebrity gossip – it’s easy to see why this podcast is so widely loved.

At its core, The Joe Rogan Experience is a conversation between two or more guests who are invited onto the show to discuss their respective areas of expertise. Topics range from esoteric subjects like quantum mechanics to mundane ones such as language acquisition—and everything else in between. Through these conversations we get insights into each guest’s perspectives on how they view the world which gives us further insight into our own beliefs about reality. Most importantly though is that no matter what subject comes up – you can guarantee that it will be discussed with intelligence, wit and passion which really brings out the best in every conversation!

What makes The Joe Rogan Experience so special though is not just its content but also its unique format; often going wildly off-topic for hours at a time! This allows for deep philosophical discussions as well as hilarious tangents about random topics such as hot sauce preferences or obscure movies references – something that would be impossible if each episode was scripted beforehand like other traditional talk shows do. Additionally there are also moments where viewers will hear personal stories shared by both hosts and guests which provides an even deeper level connection with those being interviewed; offering further insight than any book could provide ever offer readership access too!

TED Talks Daily

TED Talks Daily is a podcast show focusing on engaging and inspiring conversations with some of the world’s most influential thinkers, innovators, and creative minds. Each episode features one or more speakers discussing topics such as space exploration, artificial intelligence, health care reform, politics, economics and much more. The talks are often divided into several sections that focus on specific themes or questions related to the main topic of discussion. Each talk is organized around an overarching goal which provides listeners with both context for their discussion and insight into larger issues relevant to society today.

The podcast also features interviews from experts in many different fields who can provide further detail about complex issues discussed during talks. These interviews offer a firsthand account from those leading research in new areas or those who have gained experience through direct involvement in projects related to the primary topics featured on each show. Whether it be a conversation between two renowned scientists talking about how advances in technology could revolutionize healthcare or an interview with a leader of a developing country discussing strategies for economic growth; TED Talks Daily offers an inside look at current trends impacting our world today.

Additionally TED Talks Daily brings together people from all over the world via its live events platform called ‘TEDx’ which allow likeminded individuals to connect regardless of their location by bringing together local speakers and attendees interested in similar topics. This platform allows viewers access to events happening around them that they may not otherwise be able to attend due to financial constraints or geographic location making it easier than ever before for people across cultures and countries gain insight into debates surrounding important global issues without having leave home .

Running on Om Podcasts

The podcasting industry has become a massive market as of late, giving way to dozens of new networks and hosts. From comedy, to sports talk shows, to true crime mysteries – there is something for everyone in this ever-growing medium. A growing trend within the industry is called “Running on Om” podcasts which have been gaining immense popularity all over the world.

For those who may not know what Running on Om podcasts are all about, they are essentially audio programs that focus on inspiring people through meditation and mindfulness practices. These types of podcasts provide listeners with helpful tools such as guided meditations, calming mantras and even relaxation techniques that can help them find their inner peace and balance in life. For many people struggling with anxiety or depression these kinds of shows can be extremely beneficial by providing tips on how to cope with stress or feelings of overwhelm.

Another benefit to Running on Om podcasts is that they often host interviews with experts in the field who share their personal stories about how meditation helped them manage difficult times in life or overcame personal challenges along the way. Listening to these stories can give hope and encouragement for those looking for guidance from others who have gone through similar struggles before them . Additionally , guests will often divulge some powerful insights into effective coping strategies and self-care methods which allow listeners gain insight into managing day-to-day stress more efficiently . So if you’re looking for an uplifting podcast experience chock full of positive vibes than look no further than Running On Om!

Runners Connect Audio

Running audio tracks are becoming increasingly popular for runners and athletes alike. These tracks are specifically designed to help runners stay motivated, focused and energized throughout their workouts. With their unique soundscapes and attention grabbing music, they can often be the difference between a good training session and an amazing one.

Audio tracks can serve as a great resource for getting into the zone before your run begins. Whether it’s some upbeat music to get you hyped up or some calming piano melodies to clear your mind of any stressors, having access to different soundscapes gives you more control over how you approach each workout. Depending on your taste in music, there is something available that’ll suit every runner’s preference while still providing them with something that they will enjoy listening too while running.

Additionally, audio tracks offer a way for runners to track their progress throughout each workout by playing features like intervals or guided tempo runs where specific cues let them know when it’s time to speed up or slow down based on the set parameters given by professional trainers. This type of targeted guidance helps keep athletes within certain boundaries during runs so that everyone stays safe without sacrificing performance output; all without ever having someone physically present with them at all times!